“Driven to be SMART” + “Smart Logistics” PTC ASIA 2019, CeMAT ASIA 2019 and ComVac ASIA 2019 kick off today

23 October

“Driven to be SMART” + “Smart Logistics”

PTC ASIA 2019, CeMAT ASIA 2019 and ComVac ASIA 2019 kick off today

The annual industry events in the Asia-Pacific Region of PTC ASIA 2019, CeMAT ASIA 2019 and ComVac ASIA 2019—— kick off today at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The four-day events will be parallel with E-PACK TECH ASIA, APEX Asia, Cold Chain ASIA, Heavy Machinery ASIA, and Industrial Supply ASIA. Themed on “Driven to be SMART” + “Smart Logistics ”, the eight concurrent exhibitions, with a total display area over 200,000 sqm, attract more than 3,000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad to present their innovative technological achievements and solutions of advanced manufacturing, jointly building a large industrial platform across various fields. It is expected to attract more than 120,000 trade visitors from Germany, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Israel and other countries and regions. Additionally, domestic buyers and visiting groups will cover industrial manufacturing, construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, robotics, pharmaceutical machinery, textile machinery, e-commerce, food industry, retail, tobacco, medicine, express delivery, 3C electronics, home and home appliance industries.


Manufacturing is placed at an important position in the strategy of each country, and intelligent manufacturing, in particular, has been regarded as the main target for competition in the high-end manufacturing industry. With the intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, China’s intelligent manufacturing industry exhibits a rapid growth trend, and it is estimated that the annual output value will exceed RMB 2,700 billion by 2020. “Thanks to the strong support of China’s policies, new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G will continue to deepen their application in intelligent manufacturing, and the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem will develop in a coordinated way,” said Gary Liu, managing director of Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai, “As annual industrial events in the Asia-Pacific Region, this year’s exhibitions will continue to showcase frontier innovative technologies in the hydraulic pressure, bearing, compressor and logistics industries, boost the development of such industries, and build a platform for exhibitors and buyers around the world to intelligently upgrade their products.”


As Asia’s leading power transmission show, PTC ASIA 2019 always adheres to the advanced concept of technology, innovation and sincere honest service, and provides exhibitors with a high-end professional exhibition platform. It also follows the latest hot spots, grasp the future trend, and support China’s intelligent manufacturing with the latest products, technologies and solutions. PTC ASIA 2019 was expanded to 100,000 sqm, and set up ten exhibition zones under the themes of hydraulic pressure, pneumatics, sealing, gear, motor, drive coupling, chain drive, belt drive, spring and bearing. A total number of nearly 1,700 enterprises, including HYDAC, HAWE, STAUFF, ARGO-HYTOS, HANSA-FLEX, ATOS, Kawasaki, Hengli, Huade, Keda, Hytek, TZYY, Sunbun, Liyuan, Taifeng, Leemin, JELPC, Suonuo, NBPT, Schaeffler, SKF, C&U, UBC, ZWZ, ZYS, KTR, Dichtomatik, Trelleborg, Hengong, SEW, NGC, Bonfiglioli, Mayr, Regal, Guomao, Donly, MBL, Habasit, Optibelt, Megadyne, Donghua, HengJiu, Renold, Dawn, Cenfit, Hagens and Lee Spring gathered on this splendid occasion, recording a new high. The “Fluid Technology Zone & Seminar”, which is well received by exhibitors and visitors, will return this year, inviting well-known universities and enterprises in the field of fluid transmission to present the latest scientific research results and analyze the development trends in the international industry. It is worth mentioning that FBC Shanghai 2019 Asia, will be held concurrently with PTC ASIA for the first time. FBC Shanghai 2019 Asia will bring together about 400 Japanese lean manufacturing enterprises. It will not only provide online and offline match-up opportunities before the exhibition, but also organize factory visits, thematic forums and individual match-up activities, to create an extensive and professional platform for the exchange of products, technology and talents between Chinese and Japanese manufacturing enterprises.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of CeMAT ASIA. Leaders of major industry associations have sent their blessings. He Liming, President of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP), said: “In the past two decades, CeMAT ASIA has seen the booming development of China's logistics industry. Back at the first exhibition in 2000, CFLP formed a close partnership with Hannover Milano Fairs. At the same time, we have constantly enlarged the exhibition size by working closely together and made the international influence of CeMAT ASIA increasingly strong, making important contributions to the development of China's and even the global logistics industry.” In his congratulatory message, Li Peigen, President of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), wrote: “CeMAT ASIA can not only extensively enhance the direct communications between logistics enterprises and customers, but also inspire innovation in the market competition. Exhibits can not only reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers, but also provide customers with better solutions that are more in line with the trend of the times by means of intellectualization and environmentally-friendly concepts.” As a bellwether of the logistics industry, CeMAT ASIA 2019 will continue to lead the trend of intelligent logistics development and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the traditional logistics industry. The CeMAT ASIA 2019 brought together more than 800 big-name enterprises in system integration, robot, AGV, forklift and other industries, including SSI Schaefer, Swisslog, TGW, Honeywell, SFA, Fives, BMHRI, RIAMB, KSEC, VSTRONG, BlueSword, Zhongding Integration, Anji Logistics, Wayz, HoJin, Automotive Engineering Corporation, HUAZH, Goldpeak, Savoye, Intralox,ABB, FANUC, Siasun, Geek+, Quicktron, HIK, Malu Innovation, Iplus, Seer Robotics, Guozi Lingong Intelligent, Comwin, Jingyuan, Huiju Automation, I-Cow, AGV Robot, Hangcha, BYD, RUYI, TVH, Cascade China, Kaup-East, Changxing Tianneng, Yufeng Intelligent, Santroll, which give advice for the buyers and solve various pain points and difficulties in production scenarios. It is worth mentioning that Kion Group will debut at the largest exhibition booth in the history of CeMAT ASIA with its three major brands of Dematic, Linde, Baoli and will have a carnival-like interaction with the visitors. In addition to the traditional logistics related industries, major e-commerce brands also attended the event as partners in other industries. JD Logistics will create a new mode of combining scene display, brand promotion speech, joint theme exhibition area display and online and offline activities cooperation and create a new and intelligent logistics cutting-edge service experience area in Hall W2 and Hall N2. It is also noteworthy that the E-pack Tech Asia, a sub-exhibition of IPACK-IMA, a brand packaging exhibition from Italy, will officially open and be held concurrently with CeMAT ASIA., bringing cutting-edge technologies from the Apennine Peninsula and even the world.


As a branch of the original PTC ASIA, the ComVac ASIA has grown in size constantly since its independence. With a display area exceeding 20,000 sqm, the exhibition attracted over 280 enterprises, a year-on-year growth of 25%, recording a new high. This year, the participation ratio of compressor units exceeded 50% again. Leading compressor manufacturers, such as Atlas Copco, BaoSi, Bauer, Sullair Asia, Hitachi, IHI-Sullair, ANEST IWATA, Moair, Chanun Screw, AECC, CRRC Voith, Baldor, Honest and Stronix will attend the exhibition again. Focusing on the three themes of “intelligent manufacturing”, “energy-saving and high-efficiency” as well as “technologically advanced and environmental protection”, the exhibition discussed the high-efficiency and energy-saving solutions of compressors from multiple aspects and dimensions such as optimization of the complete machine, air system assessment and system energy-saving, thus pushing the compressors to stride towards the era of “Smart Manufacturing 4.0”. Additionally, the exhibition provided a platform for active exploration and discussion of such topics as how to scientifically reduce production energy consumption and pollution, and improve the production process, so as to drive the compressor industry to develop sophisticated energy-saving and environmental protection technology.


Several summit forums and technical seminars will also be held during the exhibition period. Three-day popular brand activities will be held at the OE10 pavilion as part of the PTC ASIA, including2019 Robotics Application & Motion Control Development Forum, Smart Manufacturing Forum and 2019 China International Automotive Transmission and High Efficiency Transmission Technology Seminar. Nearly 40 summit forums and professional activities will be held, including CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon, themed on “Smart Logistics”, which will invite many worldwide well-known experts, scholars to discuss the hot topics like global logistics, fresh food, intelligent manufacturing, home logistics as well as automobile and parts logistics to draw the picture of the logistics industry’s future. Leaders of associations and decision-makers of the industry from America, Germany, Japan and China will share the development prospect and solutions of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics through the 1st Intelligent Logistics Development Forum. World Materials Handling Alliance (WMHA) Meeting, Sino-Japanese Logistics Technology Exchange Conference and Intelligent Manufacturing Competition 2019, 2019 China (Shanghai) Consumer Goods Supply Chain and Distribution Management Forum, Intelligent and Green Greening of Logistics Technology Equipment Procurement Forum and 2019 (Shanghai) Taiwan Business Exchange will be held concurrently.


This golden autumn in October has witnessed the splendid industries in Shanghai. “Eight exhibitions” will open up the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain, and create a one-stop trade interaction platform for exhibitors, visitors, media and participants, ushering in a new era of intelligent manufacturing in China.




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