A first look at CeMAT ASIA 2017 for new exhibitors

Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
During CeMAT ASIA2017, Youngsun intelligent robot will make its debut at the New International Expo Center in the international magic city of Shanghai. The company will launch Yongsun intelligent equipment and intelligent packaging line of independent research and development, which can fully display the technological power of the company in the field of building intelligence packaging line.
Youngsun intelligent robots can be used to: meet the requirements of all kinds of packaging line, promote industrial technology progress, reduce labor intensity, cut off staff employment, eliminate backward production technologies and equipment, improve the structure of production, save manpower, material resources and financial resources for the enterprise; and will bring about improvement and expansion space for industry transformation and upgrading as per “Made in China 2025” Plan.

Shanghai ZongYi
With the development of network technique, various kinds of e-commerce platforms rise in response to the proper time and conditions. A large number of unheard-of vocabularies like virtual bank, internet marketing, on-line shopping and on-line payment are well-known and acknowledged by people with the increasing popularity of e-commerce. In recent years, the development of e-commerce also brings great convenience to the public; more and more people are willing to shop on network platform. At the same time, it comes up with requirements on the quality and feeling experience of on-line shopping. For example, it has raised higher requirements on the timeliness of delivery and arrival as well as the degree of satisfaction for packaging.


Shandong Shenlan Machine Co., Ltd.
 Founded in August 2006 and specializing in packaging equipment manufacturing, Shandong Shenlan Machine Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise providing entire solutions for material automatic packaging, transport handling and other services.
 At present, Shenlan focuses on industrial robot application research and development, with an aim to provide end-of-line packaging solutions for six major industries (i.e. food & beverage, chemical fiber, glass fiber, building materials, papermaking & paper products, chemical coatings, and grain & feed), including schematic design, product development & research, and technical support for automatic packing, robot palletizer, AGV transportation and handling to three-dimensional warehouse.


Shandong Kingon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Located in a national-level economic development zone—Mingshui Economic Development Zone, Shandong Kingon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in design, development & research, production, sales and related technical services of logistics and packaging automation system. It is positioned as a professional integrator and manufacturer of end-of-line packaging system. Its professional after-sales service will free clients of any future worries on maintenance after purchase. With clients all over the country, the company also sells products to many countries outside China. The company has developed various series of winding packaging machines from the single solution of pallet winding machine. It’s winding equipment include cantilever winding machine, horizontal winding machine, cylinder winding machine, luggage winding machine, full-automatic laminating machine and loop-type winding packaging machine.