End-of-line packaging exhibition area - providing factory intelligence logistics packaging solution

Innovation concept: Among the numerous development aspects of the manufacturing industry nowadays, end-of-line packaging process, which has undergone significant changes, plays a vital role in the entire enterprise logistics operation. Rather than being seen as an affiliate link of production as before, end-of-line packaging has become a professional technology field. With the penetration of a large number of new and high science and technologies, packaging now features many new technologies, new processes and new products. CeMAT ASIA 2016 end-of-line packaging exhibition area adheres to the advanced concept of “Industry 4.0”, providing buyers with logistics packaging system solutions for unmanned workshop and automatic solid warehouse (i.e. to control and manage intelligent equipment such as robot palletizer, weighing and testing equipment, automatic labeling & ink-jet printing machine, automatic winding machine, packing machine and strapping machine) through data management system, so as to build an unmanned logistics packaging line.

Buyer resources: Relying on the platform provided by famed industrial exhibitions on PTC, cold-chain and heavy machinery etc. held during the same period, it will share more than 80,000 professional potential buyers from terminal utilization industry (including automotive, electronics, food & beverage, medicine, e-commerce, household appliances) and all branches of industrial manufacturing industry.

Brand exhibitors: Numerous well-known packaging equipment & material manufacturing enterprises such as Youngsun, Kesheng, Yuanxu, Shenlan, Zongyi, Kingon, Lichen, Vokin, Fulan, Bailian and B+Z will gather at the exhibition.