Preview of new exhibitors to CeMAT ASIA 2017

 TGW Group

 TGW Group is the world-leading logistics system integrator and equipment supplier, providing the world-leading highly dynamic and automatic system, and customizing the one-stop turnkey logistic solutions for the customers. Since being established in 1969, the company has implemented and finished various intra-logistics solutions from small-sized logistic application to the complicated distribution center.

 Now, TGW has 2,600 employees worldwide, to provide the logistic solutions for the benchmark enterprises in the industries. The foreign project cases include: Adidas, Esprit, Jack Wolfskin, Bentley, Amazon, and Karcher, and the domestic cases include: Bestseller Fashion, CNSS, Guangdong Nestle, Chengdu Siemens, Xuchang Tobacco Machinery, Mondelez International (Guangzhou) and so on. In the 2015/16 fiscal year, TGW Group realized the sales up to Euro 532 million.


Swisslog (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Swisslog is the world-leading warehousing and distribution logistics system integrator, for design, development and delivery of the first-class automatic logistic solutions to the hospitals, warehouses and distribution centers with the forward-looking philosophy, providing the one-stop system integration and service from consulting, design, and implementation to the full-life after-sale service. Swisslog has 2,500 employees worldwide, to provide the service for the customers in more than 50 countries. Swisslog is a member of KUKA Group, a world-famous intelligent automation solution provider.

On November 1-4, 2016, Swisslog will be present in W2 Hall, D4 Stand in CeMAT Asia to display its intelligent logistics solution representing the frontier technology in Industry 4.0. This solution combines the Swisslog’s new-generation high-efficiency lightweight cargo storage system with the intelligent picking with robotics, and displays the high efficiency, flexibility and reliability of the warehouse in the future. In addition, you may understand the proposal and application of pallet-based automated dense storage system in our stand.


Dematic International Trading Ltd. (Shanghai)

Dematic is a world-leading system integrator, providing the advanced automatic logistic and material transportation solution, software system and customer service, to meet the customer demand of long-term continuous development of the logistic supply chain. The business branches are distributed in 27 main markets worldwide with more than 5,000 employees. It provides the core products and technologies, such as stacker, conveyor, sorting machine and logistic IT solutions, for the main markets in the world. Up till now, more than 5,000 warehouses and distribution systems have become the global successful cases.

Since access to China in 1996 and headquartered in Shanghai, Dematic has set up two plants in Suzhou, particularly with the production of Suzhou Second Plant in 2014. It has further broadened the production line, getting closer to the customer demand with respect to the delivery period, after-sale service and product performance-price ratio. And the overall strength of the company has been continuously increased. Dematic keeps to the service rule of customer first and foremost, and is dedicated to providing the “one-stop” logistic system solution and the sound after-sale service. It has been well received by the customers, and built up good brand image. In November 2016, Dematic finished the M&A trading with KION. The latter provides the industrial trucks and related services for the customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, designing, building and supporting the logistic solutions, and optimizing the material flow and information flow of the plant, warehouse and the distribution center.


 Wuxi Galaxis Technology Co., Ltd.

Product profile: Established in 2007, Galaxis Technology is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. As a science and technology company integrating innovation and R&D, the company is dedicated to the R&D and design of high-end logistics devices, such as automatic robot platform, industrial robot and intelligent rail-guided vehicle (RGV). The exhibit this time: SPRINT rail-guided vehicle (RGV) tower sorting system, is the unique solution developed by Galaxis  to address the challenge of the automated unpacking and sorting, by installing the sorting mechanism on the mobile high-efficiency rail-guided vehicle (RGV) platform; the tower sorting system of the rail-guided vehicle (RGV) has addressed the high cost of the tower sorting machine, retaining A Frame  for high-efficiency and reliable unpacking and sorting, and has huge cost advantage compared with the original automated unpacking and sorting solution.

MIAS Group

 As a world-famous German company, MIAS Group is dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of logistics equipment, such as telescopic fork and stacker, in which the equipment market of telescopic fork ranks No.1 in the world; it has more than 300 employees in five countries. Headquartered in Munich, MIAS Group has the manufacturing plants and branches in Germany, China, USA, Hungary and Italy. 
MIAS Logistics Equipment (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established on January 8, 2010 in Kunshan, as another important measure for MIAS Group to explore and develop the Asian market.