CeMAT ASIA 2017: Let logistics and automation take you to “brave the winds and waves”

With respect to Internet plus logistics, the opinions vary. From the perspective of informatization, several logistics enterprises have caught the opportunity, launching APP, exchange platforms and some other projects to win this “piece of cake” with the help of Internet in succession. However, from an overall perspective, the informatization degree of logistics industry remains low and many enterprises have superficial understanding about the informatization of logistics industry at the age of “Internet plus”.

To actively build and co-construct the logistics informatization ecosphere. The enterprises need to transform from single-point cooperation to industrial chain cooperation and from domestic cooperation to global cooperation. They need to lay emphasis on joint innovation rather than individual development. Highlighting their prominent features and simultaneously developing technological innovation and management innovation, they should make progress step by step according to their abilities and highlight developmental stage characteristics and individualized demands. The co-construction of informatization ecosphere requires for the establishment of the idea of industrial “zoology” and the co-building of a favorable, civilized and healthy logistics ecological chain with the government and social organizations.

In October 2017, a large number of domestic and overseas leading providers of automation warehouse logistics system solutions, including TGW, Dematic, Automha, Vanderlande, Swisslog, Murata, IL Logistics, BMHRI (Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute), NTI (New Trend International), Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry, SIASUN, etc. will gather at the exhibition site of CeMAT ASIA, which has been titled the indicator for logistics industry. They will respectively bring their most advanced logistics automation equipment and ideas to tens of thousands of trade visitors. The wonderful exhibit demonstration, abundant simultaneous forums, meetings, innovation salons as well as various activities, such as group visit and buyer matching, which are closely integrated with application industry, will surely provide a comprehensive and stereo trade platform of product display and procurement communication for the entire logistics handling industry.