An additional Managing Director for Flexco


Flexco Europe GmbH, a company specialised in mechanical belt fastening systems, belt cleaners and belt maintenance and installation tools based in Rosenfeld, Germany, has expanded its top management level and appointed Joerg Schairer (Image),USA MBA graduate, as an additional business manager. In this way, he supports Walther Suelzle in the company’s top management team. Schairer’s responsibilities include the strategic management of the company , the administration management of Flexco Europe GmbH and sales management outside Europe. Furthermore, he is also in charge of communications with the Flexible Steel Lacing Company (Flexco),a parent company based in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA, as well as of its subsidiaries worldwide .

In the autumn of 2010, Schairer obtained the position of global Sales Manager at Walter Suelzle GmbH . In the summer of 2012, when Flexco Europe GmbH was created by merging the company with its affiliated company Anker-Flexco GmbH, Schairer took over the newly created position of Sales Director.