Smart-Integrated-Efficient CeMAT ASIA 2014 Writes a New Chapter in the Logistic Sector


As the benchmark in logistic industry held annually in the Asia-Pacific region, CeMAT ASIA 2014 will be grandly open in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on October 27-30. Under the theme of “Smart-Integrated-Efficient”, this year’s show consists of eight thematic display areas, covering W1-W3 Halls and outdoor venue with 490 leading logistic companies showcasing their cutting-edge logistic technologies and products in nearly 40,000 sqm exhibition areas.


With the transform and upgrade of China’s economy, labor costs keep growing rapidly. Thus, more and more companies adopt logistic automation system. While the growth of mobile Internet economy drives the rapid rise of e-commerce. Taking these opportunities, CeMAT ASIA focuses on hot logistic industries such as e-commerce, tobacco logistics, manufacturing logistics, clothing logistics and bulk commodity logistics in line with these two development trends of intelligent production and Internet, matching up with the demands between exhibitors and buyers and comprehensively upgrading exhibition standards. Intelligence integration industry will debut their new technology at the exhibition, further promoting the synchronous development of China’s logistic equipment and technology. The exhibition will write a new chapter in the logistic sector.


CeMAT ASIA 2014 is jointly organized by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Deutsche Messe AG and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. A series of value-added activities will be held concurrently, such as innovation salon, professional seminar and business matchup. WeChat, Microblog, mobile apps and other new media will provide live coverage of this event, so as to continuously expand the exhibition influence.


Eight Display Areas with the Lineup of New Products and Technologies 

CeMAT ASIA 2014 consists of eight thematic display areas, including system integration and solution, conveying equipment, automated guided vehicle (AGV), forklift and parts, hoisting equipment and parts, pallet and storage rack, auto-ID and machine vision, and logistic machine. Such layout design clearly distinguishes targeted user markets.


Under the recession of current equipment manufacturing industry, the logistic equipment manufacturing industry grows fast with the rapid development and transformation of logistic sector. CeMAT ASIA 2014 attracts a large number of logistic machinery manufacturers, with the number of exhibitors maintaining a stable growth. Forklift display area in the W1 hall ushers in many global giants, such as Heli, Jungheinrich, Crown, VITA-WHEEL, BYD, Goodsense and Ruyi, with spacious room to display flagship products. In response to China’s economic transformation and industrial upgrading, forklift industry accurately grasps market trends, adjusts exhibition strategy, and updates exhibits. At CeMAT ASIA 2014, storage forklift and power-driven forklift products targeted to e-commerce sector will be launched. The prospering second-hand forklift rental business will also become a hot spot at the exhibition. These products further cater to the development of e-commerce economy and accommodate market requirements.


Intelligent and automation products will be showcased at Hall W2, with the participation of a batch of leading international system integration and system solution providers. For example, Daifuku, Swisslog, TGW, Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, NTI, Formosa, KENMEC and Siasun will bring their cutting-edge innovative products to the exhibition. The new generation shuttle technology used for internal storage will also make its public appearance.


Conveying equipment pavilion, AGV pavilion and robot pavilion are located at Hall W3. Among them, the scale of conveying equipment pavilion hits a new record. Exhibition area is increased by 20% compared with that of last year, reaching over 3000 m2. In addition, with robots gaining popularity in recent years, CeMAT ASIA 2014 follows the technology trend and firstly establishes logistic robot display area. In particular, stacking robots and other high-grade, precision and advanced products will be exhibited. By then, Siasun, Triowin, Himan and Dalian Jialin will make an appearance in their specially decorated large booths.


“CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon” Launching Again with Significant Guests

After the “CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon” was successfully held in last session, CeMAT ASIA 2014 Innovation Salon will be held again in response to the market demands. The four-day seminar will gather well-known guests to discuss wonderful topics, share industry achievements and grasp the industry trends. The organizers will provide a neutral, open and free exchange platform. This activity is well designed and cooperated with industry giants. By then, keynote speeches, innovation shows and roundtable meetings will be held every day. Discussions will be carried out around six topics, which are “Global Logistics Market”, “Food Supply Chain and Safety”, “Backyard of E-commerce: Logistics and Supply Chain”, “Party Storage and Cross-board E-commerce”, “Retail: Online to Offline and Offline to Online” and “Future Development of Forklift Industry”. With the popularity of e-commerce, the organizers will invite well-known guests from, Gome online to share their stories behind e-commerce to exhibitors, visitors, buyers and all industry professionals. Also, nearly 100 senior managers from leading Chinese and international enterprises and experts from domestic and international associations will attend the salon. This interactive innovation salon will gather industrial elites and provide better exhibition experience for exhibitors and visitors, so as to facilitate information and resource sharing within the industry.


In addition, the exhibition will hold nearly 20 professional activities, including different kinds of exhibits shows, thematic forums, meetings and buyer tours from the sectors related to logistic industry. The professional visitors from automotive, food and beverage, medicine, tobacco and other sectors will visit the exhibition and negotiate trade opportunities.


Improving Marketing Promotion and Service Quality

CeMAT ASIA is highly recognized by the industry and market, and its success is based on its unique marketing strategy and high-quality exhibition services. We continuously improve marketing promotion and services based on accumulated experience in past sessions. Apart from traditional marketing promotion, this year’s session will focus on promoting products and market matchup. The Buyer Plan is launched at the beginning of 2014. The organizers visit a batch of famous enterprises such as Alibaba and C.P. Lotus Corporation to deeply understand buyer’s latest demands and explore industry trends, thus continuously improving exhibition standards. In the organizer’s words, CeMAT ASIA is not only a four-day exhibition, but also a long-term platform serving exhibitors and buyers. CeMAT ASIA adheres to its core values, namely keeping abreast of industry hotspots and latest technology, timely sharing information within the whole industry and jointly promoting the development of China’s logistic equipment and technology.


Meanwhile, all kinds of new media such as WeChat, Microblog and mobile apps will provide live coverage of this event, continuously expanding the exhibition influence. This year, WeChat public platform will launch micro-websites. Visitors could login to view exhibitor list and make reservations through WeChat. A WeChat registration desk is provided at the exhibition venue. Visitors could print their badge from the machine and then enter the venue directly. The registration procedure is greatly simplified, and exhibition services are significantly improved.


On October 27-30, PTC ASIA, ComVac ASIA, Heavy Machinery ASIA, and Industrial Supply ASIA will also be held concurrently. Under the same platform, an integrated and interactive industrial chain with comprehensive services and innovation on technology, products and application will be created to drive China’s industrial upgrading to new success!