Shenzhen hospital automates temperature checks with 5G -【CeMAT ASIA, warehousing, supply chain, logistic industrial,cold chain】

Shenzhen University General Hospital, a designated hospital to treat fever patients in Shenzhen, installed a 5G-enabled infrared temperature monitoring device in its outpatient hall on Tuesday.

Once patients walk through the examination area of the hall, their temperature can be measured and displayed almost instantly on the monitor. It makes temperature measurement faster and automated, thus lowering the chances of infection.

"The device can accomplish accurate temperature measurement of eight people in a 2-square-meter testing area at the same time," said Zhang Ruiqin, an administrator at the engineering department of the hospital.

On Jan 31, the hospital upgraded and expanded its 5G network rapidly. On Feb 3, it worked overnight to install and test the temperature measurement equipment. By early morning next day, the infrared temperature service was put to use.

So far, fever patients in the hospital have tested negative for the novel coronavirus. But they still need further observation and treatment.

As of Tuesday there are 289 confirmed cases, and 878 close contacts under medical observation in the city.

[Video by Ma Duoming]

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