Hyderabad: Solar energy generators in fisheries soon -【CeMAT ASIA, warehousing, supply chain, logistic industrial,cold chain】


(This story originally appeared in on Dec 18, 2019)

Hyderabad: In a bid to promote utilisation of renewable energy in various fisheries and aquaculture activities, National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad will install solar wind energy generators in fisheries across states.

“In fisheries and aquaculture, we need backup power for post-harvest fish processing, cold chain maintenance, etc. Further, electricity from thermal power plants is essential for most of the semi-intensive, intensive and modern technology-driven aquaculture systems. With this project, we plan to reduce the dependence of fisheries on fossil fuel,” said project coordinator, NFDB.
The project is undertaken as part of India’s climate change mitigation strategy where the department of fisheries, ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry & dairies provide financial assistance for promoting non-conventional energy (NCE) source for environment-friendly fishing practices.
Beneficiaries of the project include fishermen and their cooperative societies, fish farmers, entrepreneurs, fisheries establishments in states and UTs. “Installation of the generator will make the process of managing and maintaining an inland fishery eco-friendly,” said an NFDB official.