At present, what are the main development trends of smart logistics in promoting the development of express logistics?

First, in terms of smart execution systems, Smart Logistics has promoted the development of automation and unmanned innovation in the field of express delivery. At present, various automated conveyor sorting systems have been widely used in the postal logistics field; logistics robots have been innovatively applied in the field of picking and picking robots; the drone distribution network has begun to be initially applied; on campus, community In certain places, e-commerce express delivery companies have also begun research and development and application testing of unmanned parcel parcels; in the field of trunk transport, some companies have also carried out on-road testing of unmanned trucks. In short, in the field of express logistics, intelligent machine systems have been applied in a wide range, and logistics technology innovation and innovation are emerging one after another.


Second, in the logistics and intelligent brain, through the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technical means, it is possible to predict the flow and flow of the peak demand of logistics in advance, and plan the warehouse in advance based on the forecast, realizing " If the order is not below, the goods will go first. In advance, the products that the customer will purchase at the peak period will enter the adjacent warehouse, distribution station, and even the adjacent offline store of the city where the customer is located in advance, so as to realize the logistics of the “front-loading warehouse” of the goods. . In advance of the warehouse, it is necessary to realize the unified optimization management of the inventory of the front warehouse, the regional warehouse and the general warehouse, and carry out the logistics operation planning and optimization according to the plan, realizing the randomness, fragmentation and small logistics demand intensification of the e-commerce logistics. Operation has greatly reduced logistics efficiency and has become a classic case and innovation model for e-commerce smart logistics in the new retail era.

The express delivery adopts the “single-point national transmission” mode, and the average transportation distance of the parcel is more than 1000 km (the trunk transportation distance between the buyer and the seller). Through the pioneering logistics concept, the Chinese rookie can use the big data technology to predict the future sales situation, and can pre-arrange the goods to the warehouse closest to the consumer to stock up, thus greatly shortening the shipping distance. For example, the national intelligent backbone network built by Chinese rookie can shorten the shipping distance of most parcels to within 500 km. The warehouse is integrated into the rookie warehouse to provide one-stop service for warehousing and distribution. After the logistics order is generated, the goods can be sorted, packaged and delivered to the cooperative enterprise directly from the rookie warehouse, which greatly improves the overall efficiency of the logistics link. Reduced package receipt time.

In addition, the logistics brain has many new ideas and innovation modes in transportation resource optimization, distribution path optimization, real-time distribution scheduling optimization, cloud warehouse system inventory optimization, etc. In the whole network logistics resource management scheduling, hardware resource virtualization and management can be realized. The process is programmable, and the whole network logistics resources are dispatched through software management to realize the flexible and automatic development of the logistics system and realize the software-defined logistics.

Third, in terms of logistics information transmission, Internet + Internet of Things has become the network neural system of modern logistics. The Internet connects the virtual world, the Internet of Things connects the physical world, and the Internet + Internet of Things realizes the integration of the virtual world of the logistics system and the physical world. Let the logistics network nervous system spread all over the postal express logistics link, realize the command and dispatch, tracking and positioning, job optimization and inventory management of the logistics brain for the entire link of the logistics system. At present, the virtual and real-life intelligent express logistics network of Internet + Internet of Things has been widely used in the postal express industry, but there is still a big gap between the scope of network coverage and the connection nodes, which needs further development in the future.

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