Smart Logistics has three major systems

The first is the logistics brain thinking system. Big data is the energy of brain thinking, cloud computing is the engine of brain thinking, and software systems are the programs of brain thinking.

At present, the logistics brain is in the stage of digital development, and is developing towards the direction of program optimization and control. In the future, it will fully realize the rapid evolution of machine intelligence and make the logistics system have wisdom;

The second is the logistics information transmission system. It is the neural network of intelligent logistics, its carrier is the logistics information system, and its key technology is the Internet of Things sensing technology.

At present, the logistics information transmission system is in the stage of Internet +, and is developing towards the Internet of Things +. In the future, a virtual and integrated information physical system (CPS) will be formed.

The third is the intelligent logistics hardware execution system, which consists of various logistics machinery and equipment and automation and intelligent equipment.


Smart Logistics has the following characteristics:

1. Interoperability, data-driven: all logistics elements are interconnected, all services are digitized, and the whole process of logistics system is transparent and traceable; all data is business-oriented, and “data” drives decision-making and execution, empowering the logistics ecosystem;

2. In-depth collaboration and efficient execution: In-depth collaboration between groups, companies and organizations, based on intelligent algorithms for global optimization of logistics systems, scheduling the efficient division of labor among the participants in the entire logistics system.

3. Independent decision-making, learning improvement: software-defined logistics realizes independent decision-making, promotes the control and automation of logistics system; builds logistics brain through big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, makes decisions in perception, learns in execution, optimizes in learning, Continuously upgrade and learn to improve in the actual operation of logistics.

Smart Logistics can comprehensively improve the efficiency of logistics and distribution, comprehensively improve the mechanization, automation and intelligence level of logistics and distribution operations, comprehensively improve the utilization efficiency of logistics resources, and comprehensively promote the efficient coordination of logistics and supply chain; in the field of express logistics, intelligent logistics is the operation Key measures for process optimization.

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