The development path of the traditional logistics industry


First, standards first, interconnection and interoperability: Standardization is the basis for the development of modern logistics industry, and it is also the support for the efficiency and service level of express logistics. It is the first condition for the express delivery industry to realize the interconnection between Tianwang and the ground network.

Standardizing the unified express logistics packaging standard is the basis for realizing the interconnection and interconnection of the ground network, which can greatly improve the logistics sorting efficiency, loading and unloading efficiency, and transportation efficiency. On this basis, standardize and unify the series of standards such as electronic surface standard and express logistics coding standard. It is the basis for realizing the digital development of express full link, and is the key to realize information communication, digital routing and network optimization; implementing unified service standards and process standards is an important starting point for realizing the service improvement of express delivery industry.

Second, resource integration and network optimization: The express delivery industry has accumulated the largest express logistics resources in the development of many years. Some of the resources have different technical standards in the past, and the information data is unreasonable, showing fragmentation characteristics and bringing waste of resources. Through the management system reform, with the help of the modern Internet infrastructure, on the basis of standard advancement and interconnection, full-link integration of express delivery resources, network optimization, and system-wide sharing can form the most extensive coverage network and the most urban and rural distribution resources. The comprehensive and comprehensive strength of the most powerful express logistics resources system.

The third is resource sharing and efficient collaboration: on the basis of resource integration and network optimization, promote resource sharing, open up traditional bottlenecks, promote efficient coordination of network resources, comprehensively improve resource utilization levels, and improve service capabilities.

The fourth is smart logistics and green development: the most important development trend in the new era is wisdom. On the basis of resource sharing, we will further promote the intelligent development of express logistics, reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, and achieve green development.

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