Damon Industry Company releases two new products during CeMAT Asia 2019

During the CeMAT Asia 2019 show, the Damon Industry Company officially released the smart CONVEYLINX-ECO electric roller Ethernet drive card and the green low-noise conveyor roller.

According to the professional technicians of Damon Industry Company, these two new products have the technological advantages of “smart” and “green”, which can bring more value to customers.

Smarter drive card

Damon Industry Company's new CONVEYLINX-ECO electric roller Ethernet driver card can replace the ordinary drive card of many current logistics distribution centers. Many logistics distribution centers use electric rollers, most of which are for the realization of zero pressure accumulation function and related expansion functions, referred to as ZPA function. The common implementation of ZPA is PLC+ ordinary drive card implementation, but this method often has many problems such as huge program writing, long wiring time, and many other hardware such as wire. The CONVEYLINX-ECO Ethernet driver card can solve the above problems. Solutions include:

1. Integrated Ai smart chip, built-in ZPA function, abandoning the PLC's autonomous operation, and maintaining communication between the card and the card to achieve the ZPA function transmission. This not only reduces the burden on the PLC but also reduces the workload of the engineer.
2. Support custom program writing, customers can write the same ladder program as PLC through our software, and then load the smart drive card to realize customized functions and actions.
3. Support mainstream bus communication protocol, which is convenient for customers to choose and use.

Silent roller


Conventional roller conveyor line roller installations are typically mounted using an elastic shaft. However, this installation method also brings a problem: there must be a certain space between the rack hole and the roller core, so the collision between the shaft core and the frame hole occurs when the roller is running, and noise occurs. This problem is particularly acute in the case of a large number of rollers and high speed operation. The new low-noise roller from Damon Industry Company uses a tapered design on the shafts at both ends of the roller while maintaining the original simple and efficient mounting method, thus eliminating the gap between the frame hole and the shaft core. Run an abnormal sound. The shaft at both ends of the roller is changed from metal material to plastic damping material, and the bearing adopts precision low-noise bearing, which further strengthens the mute property of the product.

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