HONGSBELT presents intelligent sorting system with module belt as the core

At CeMAT ASIA 2019, the core products of the advanced and performance-leading HONGSBELT system are unveiled, including:

The module has intelligent sorting and conveying system: it can realize flexible sorting and wide range of sorting materials, including soft packs, cartons, envelopes, plastic bags and other items, and its dynamic load is 150kg/m2; Easy to assemble, versatile and interchangeable, the conveyor belt is sturdy and durable, energy saving and environmental protection, can effectively reduce the cost of manual operation and improve sorting efficiency, and realize flexible and unmanned intelligent sorting operation.


Module with turning conveyor: suitable for all kinds of packaged goods, dynamic load is 500kg/m2, conveying speed can reach 60m/min, and the floor space is small, high speed, stable, zero deviation, service life is traditional turning machine More than 5 times.

The module belt side conveyor: can rotate the module with the surface ball, drive the conveyed goods to the specified direction, and adjust the arrangement and operation position of the conveyed goods on the conveyor line, which can be divided into a wide range of left and right directions. , no clamping, heavy load, safe and stable, and the conveying speed can reach 60m/min.

Module with folding conveyor: high wear-resisting and anti-smashing module belt, according to the actual situation, using single-sided, bilateral or manual + electric way, using horizontal or inclined flexible folding structure design, dynamic load up to 50kg /m2, the conveying speed can be adjusted freely, up to 60~90m/min, and the floor space is small, which is especially suitable for the sorting and transportation of various specifications of small and medium-sized venues and outlets.

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