Honeywell's new products are on display at CeMAT Asia 2019, leading a new era of smart logistics

At CeMAT Asia 2019, Honeywell brings a new line of smart logistics products and applications covering the entire supply chain. Diversified high-tech innovative logistics and warehousing solutions showcase Honeywell's latest innovations in the logistics industry. Explore the results.

Honeywell's exhibits consist of a range of smart logistics solutions, including new product displays, smart warehousing, automated warehousing solutions, and voice picking systems. The new products on display mainly include roller conveyor systems and a variety of mobile data terminals.

Roller conveyor system:

It helps the goods to reach the designated location efficiently, stably and reliably, enabling accurate diversion of items to meet today's escalating commercial and manufacturing challenges.

VbeltV type belt conveyor: It can be flexibly deployed in the corner conveying, confluence conveying and sorting and conveying application environment, which can realize the smooth conveying of parcel from the diverting module to the curve module, reducing maintenance downtime.

Mini-Unscrambler Small Alignment Corrector: Designed to receive a single stream of products that may contain tight or messy cartons, the cartons are organized into neat product streams and maintain excellent separation distances.

MDR Power Roller Conveyor: It uses motor-driven roller technology to provide true zero-squeezing, zero-contact accumulation. Run on demand to minimize energy consumption and reduce noise levels.

A variety of mobile data terminals:

EDA61K mobile data terminal: advanced enterprise-class WWAN (4G) / WLAN handheld data terminal, designed for Android applications, with comfortable operation and ease of use and powerful combination of functions, can fully meet the stability and durability of the logistics industry Demand to maximize productivity.

Dolphin CK65 mobile data terminal: Following the popular ergonomic design of the CK3K/R model, it is extremely rugged, with real-time connection and advanced data acquisition. It can improve the working accuracy of the staff through a simple and fast-recovery mobile solution. And productivity.

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