KSEC brings the latest technology to the CeMAT ASIA 2019 single-piece separation system

At this year's CeMAT ASIA exhibition, KSEC fully demonstrated the new product development and application results in recent years, including the single-piece separation system highlighted on the spot; the industrial site C2C control application under the 5G network displayed through the electronic screen; intelligent manufacturing solution Solutions and applications in sorting AGVs, smart parking systems, etc.

Among them, the single-piece separation system has the function of high-efficiency collection and distribution, which can greatly improve the sorting efficiency and accuracy of the package, and attracts a large number of spectators at the exhibition site.

The industrial site C2C control application under the 5G network mainly includes the large-flow transfer system and the intelligent storage system remote control. At the exhibition site, KSEC's general manager Zhongping Gan received the interview and conducted a live demonstration.

It is reported that as the first batch of 5G technology applications, KSEC has realized the deployment of 5G digital system in the 70,000 square meter workshop, and provides deep coverage for mobile logistics equipment such as shuttles and stackers through the use of 5G miniaturized base stations. No switching, low latency, high reliability wireless connection.


Reprinted from the network