Construction of smart logistics park

Despite the wisdom or intelligent discussion, many people still like to use the word wisdom because it means advanced, scientific and cutting-edge. The Smart Logistics Park should have the ability to sense, analyze, make decisions, execute and learn.

First, the logistics park is smart and cannot be separated from the needs of the park. The solution to the park problem is the current concrete performance of the smart logistics park. The current pain points of park management are concentrated in people, vehicles, goods, and farm management, including park safety, facility and equipment efficiency, vehicle access control and identification, time control of receiving and delivery, personnel management and performance analysis. The corresponding technologies are face recognition, personnel location and tracking, video surveillance, vehicle identification, guidance and positioning, platform parking management, cargo damage tracking, logistics container tracking, equipment positioning, security protection, fire management, and hydropower management. The second is the mechanization and automation of logistics park operations. Including automatic storage, automatic replenishment, packaging, labeling, loading and unloading, etc. The technology in this area is relatively mature. Whether it can be popularized depends on the pressure of the company's affordability and cost, as well as the acceptance and regulations of the public. For example, when labor costs are higher than machine costs, the application of the machine will be accelerated. When the unmanned delivery vehicle is extremely safe, it is possible to get on the road. The third is the integration of the management platform. The management aspects of the park are very complex and require the integration of multiple management platforms, such as infrastructure platforms. The scope of management includes the normal operation of water, electricity, steam and heating, involving the engine room, boiler room, pipelines, lines, water, fire, lighting, Communication (wired and wireless), real estate, office buildings, paving, etc. In addition, there are also IOT network platforms, public information platforms, transportation and distribution platforms, etc., and each platform works in concert to ensure the realization of intelligence.

The intelligence of the logistics park is a complex system engineering. It is the matching of demand and technology, the matching of business and management, and the matching of data and standards. To do this project well, we need to cooperate with each other and achieve the same goal. I proposed a model more than ten years ago, that is, the logistics platform needs six sub-platforms to support, namely information consulting platform, trading platform, financial platform, logistics platform, customer management platform, and security platform. The information platform is a platform for all kinds of related information exchange and consultation. Publish business information, situation analysis, market analysis, index trend, price, supply, demand, policy and other information. Provide information on goods and services for both parties to the transaction, as well as corporate credit information services; trading platforms include commodity trading, logistics service transactions, electronic evidence preservation, qualification review, online audit, margin supervision, instant inquiry, timed notice, early warning, etc. Financial platform, including payment settlement, collective procurement, receivable and payable financing, inventory financing, financial leasing, insurance, guarantee; logistics platform including logistics park business system, including scheduling coordination, warehousing services, transportation services, document management including electronic orders , electronic contracts and vouchers, electronic warranty, inventory or warehouse receipts, code orders, bills of lading, electronic invoices, tax receipts, transaction orders, waybills, etc. Also includes instant road condition inquiry, rescue, delivery, supervision, processing, packaging, distribution, value-added services; customer management platform, including member management, user information, electronic certification identification, integrity and credit evaluation, old customer identification, SMS notification, wireless transmission , video conferencing, collaborative office, complaint management, multimodal transport, visual system, etc.; security platform includes infrastructure management, security management, order management, public affairs management, system disaster management, middleware, interface management (information collection) Server interface, client interface, remote supervision, on-the-go supervision, online banking payment inquiry interface, third-party fund supervision inquiry interface), CA security certification, intermodal interface, portal management, resource coordination, server hosting, etc. In addition, there should be massive data storage, discovery, analysis, cleansing, and decision support capabilities.

Building such a smart system in the park is not a day's work. From the architectural point of view, it must be highly inclusive, able to accommodate system modules built in different periods, different technical routes, and different developers. From the perspective of development, it must have the iterability of adapting to new situations and new technologies. Continuous optimization is the characteristic of smart systems. From a fundamental point of view, it must have a solid business foundation, that is, the business of the logistics park is real and the data is accurate. So far, our ideal smart logistics park has not yet appeared, but the various modules are constantly improving, such as car cargo matching system, tracking and query system, automatic storage system, automatic handling system, credit evaluation system, error correction and early warning system. Quick iteration. Once breakthroughs have been made in business activities, economic judgments, and business decisions, the era of intelligentization of logistics parks has arrived.

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