Korean take-out company trial operation indoor distribution robot

On the 7th, the Korean delivery company's elegant brothers (Woowa Brothers) said that the indoor delivery robot "dilly TOWER" has been put into the office building in Songpa District, Seoul, and is in trial operation.According to the Korean media "Money Today", after sending the take-away food to the office building through its largest distribution software service in Korea, the robot named dilly TOWER will pick up the goods on the first floor of the building and send the food to the orderer. floor.

The service is mainly through the linkage control system between the robot and the elevator, so that the robot can travel unimpeded on all major floors. The elegant brothers also worked with elevator manufacturers to develop elevators with remote control. The robot's running route is divided into even-numbered, odd-numbered, low-level and high-rise elevators. However, when the elevator runs in the same direction, the robot will automatically switch the route system.The company plans to use indoor delivery robots to improve distribution efficiency and improve the convenience of the delivery staff and consumers. In fact, most of the office buildings are restricted by external personnel due to security factors. 

Therefore, regardless of whether the delivery staff goes upstairs or the consumer goes downstairs, it is necessary to go through the formalities and take the elevator. It usually takes 5-10 minutes, but dilly TOWER The robot pick-up time takes only 8 to 10 seconds.Elegant brothers pointed out that a certain distribution software in China also introduces indoor distribution robots. The delivery time of the delivery staff can be shortened by 10 to 15 minutes, the total delivery time can be reduced by about 30%, and even the delivery staff can deliver 2 times. The case of weight.In the dily TOWER trial run, each shipment can reduce the consumer's 12-minute travel time. The delivery staff involved in the trial operation also generally believe that it is very gratifying that the robot can replace the delivery staff to go upstairs.


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