Want to upgrade the storage storage system more intelligent? These four options are worth considering

Tray shuttle type stereo warehouse

The tray shuttle type stereo library uses the tray as a storage unit, and mainly uses a shuttle to straight stack in the shelf rail, and uses a forklift or an AGV (automatic guided vehicle) to perform the front connection of the warehouse.

Features: It is a dense storage method that maximizes the use of space and is especially suitable for storage in low temperature environments.

Applicable: Products with less variety, large batch size, and centralized storage.


Pallet type automatic storage system

Optimized integration of various automated logistics equipments for pallet automation access system (AS/RS), automatic completion of information processing of palletized goods, palletizing, handling storage, disassembly and delivery of warehouse logistics system

The pallet handling equipment is equipped with a telescopic fork automatic stacker for handling individual pallet depths or multiple pallet depths, and custom automated equipment is available for your product line and specifications.


Tank automatic warehouse

The bin-type automatic warehouse uses the bin as the storage unit, and mainly uses the stacker to shuttle back and forth between the roadways of the three-dimensional warehouse, deposits the goods at the entrance of the roadway into the cargo compartment, or transports the goods in the cargo bag to the laneway.  Achieve intensive storage and fast forward and fast, suitable for goods with low storage and low frequency of delivery.


Automated rotating warehouse

Automated revolving warehouses are controlled by electronic computers for automatic access and automatic management. The shelf rotates very fast and can reach a speed of 30m/min. To access the goods, the cargo number of the goods is entered by the control panel button, and the cargo is automatically rotated to the picking point at the nearest distance.

Applicable to: Rotary shelves are easy to operate and access operations are quick.

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