From unmanned to intelligent, the development trend of forklift intelligence

Driven by the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and smart warehousing, the market demand for intelligent forklifts continues to grow. As an important carrier of intelligent forklifts, AGV forklifts have begun to show their market space in the combined drive of demand and technology development.

In recent years, affected by external factors such as factory intelligence and rising labor costs, the traditional logistics operation of manpower handling has begun to change from mechanization to automation and intelligence. One of the obvious performances is the internal logistics and warehouse logistics. The demand for automated handling equipment with a high degree of flexibility has grown rapidly. Among them, the driverless forklift (forklift AGV) is a very popular product.

It is understood that today, the warehousing unmanned technology has received much attention, the intelligentization of forklifts has become an important market demand. As the mainstream material handling mode, palletized standard unit cargo handling, automation and intelligent upgrade is one of the most urgent logistics efficiency and cost optimization requirements of customers. At present, quite a number of forklift companies believe that intelligent forklift technology is ushering in the development window. Even forklift companies predict that intelligent material handling equipment may become the standard product for forklift manufacturers in the past two years.


Forklifts play a very important role in the logistics system of enterprises. They are the main force in material handling equipment and are widely used in various industries. China's forklift market is in great demand and is growing at a double-digit rate every year. Driven by multiple factors such as rising labor costs, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing companies, and accelerated technological development, forklift-type AGVs are becoming an unstoppable wave, and with the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and smart warehousing, they are characterized by more intelligence.

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