Unmanned warehouse system = system + process + equipment + algorithm

In fact, in the true sense of the unmanned warehouse, more should understand that it is a small number of people, that is, to use as little as possible, rather than no one at all. At present, no one's efficiency in all aspects can not reach the level compared with people. The key point of our unmanned warehouse is still the system level. We need to know that the operation of the unmanned warehouse is through the process, the first is the process, the second is the algorithm, and the third is the equipment. Integrate systems, processes, equipment, and algorithms to build an entire unmanned warehouse system. As long as the original system manages the goods and the tubes are stored, the current system needs to run the goods, people, equipment, and robots. The system is more complicated than the original. So the system is the most critical point in the development of unmanned warehouses.

First, from the perspective of equipment, the related technologies currently used, whether it is navigation technology, visual technology, or obstacle avoidance, are not completely new technologies, and these technologies can be maturely applied. Actually, in terms of hardware technology, what we are pursuing is not innovation. What we are pursuing is stability. In actual application, whoever looks at the equipment is more stable in operation, and it takes longer to operate stably without failure, so as to ensure the continuous production. .

The second is the system algorithm, which is also the most important of the unmanned warehouse. The algorithm can command the robot to operate according to the existing business logic and business process. How to optimize different wave combination and heat analysis? Which products are hot items? Which shelves should be placed in front? Which shelves are placed behind? How to pick more items at once? These problems are solved by algorithms, and the algorithm can truly realize the construction of unmanned warehouses. Unmanned warehouses compare efficiency, in order to improve its efficiency, it is necessary to continuously optimize the combination, and constantly rely on artificial intelligence algorithms to find the optimal solution.

The more standardized the warehouse, the more standardized the application, the more willing to adopt the unmanned warehouse. The more complex these applications are, the more unmanned bins they use, and the better the effect of using robots. Some technical requirements for unmanned warehouses are high, and the more complex the application, the higher the requirements for unmanned warehouses.

Unmanned warehouses must be a trend, whether it is an unmanned warehouse or a small warehouse, it must be this development direction. First, because this is a simple and repetitive work; second, the rising labor costs are not only the wages of employees, but also the costs of management and recruitment. These costs continue to increase, and the cost of the machine must be reduced. The higher the amount, the lower the cost. Third, the environment of the warehouse is rather harsh, cold in winter and hot in summer. It is not a good working scene for people, but it does not matter to the machine. In the final analysis, the most important reason is the continuous development of technology, technology can already drive these changes, technology has realized these related applications, that is, the machine can even do better than people, we now in the actual application of the machine warehouse ratio The efficiency of using manual warehouses has increased two to three times.

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