The application of electrical pallets removes workers from the heavy labor environment.

As we all know, the repetition rate of handling palletizing operations is extremely high, which is very acceptable to people. More and more people are not willing to do such work. At the same time, due to factors such as product diversification, some enterprises need to switch frequently, and the cost of secondary deployment is high, which is difficult to meet production needs.


In response to the demand for packaging and packaging of customers' electrical products, JAKA card-free robots have customized safe automatic palletizing solutions for customers, helping customers achieve palletizing automation, improving production efficiency and product qualification rate, and improving the working environment of operators.

face the challenge

1. Many varieties of products, different packaging specifications, frequent switching;

2. Due to the conveyor belt production mode, no protective fence can be placed between the robot and the employee;

3. There is a lot of demand for post-packaging manpower, and the difficulty of recruiting is increasing.


Efficient palletizing with JAKA Zu 12

1. There is no protective fence, and JAKA Zu 12 is directly deployed in the existing production line;

2. For different sizes of boxes, you can quickly palletize.

Project effectiveness

1. Now manually code one line for one person, and use JAKA Zu 12 to process two production lines at the same time;

2. Carrying out a variety of product palletizing, improving packaging efficiency;

3. The number of layers can be set arbitrarily, and the pallets are neat and tidy, which is convenient for storage and transportation;

4. JAKA Zu 12 security does not take up space to effectively solve customer site manual palletizing work.

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