Multiple AGV management systems and ground control systems


Multiple AGV traffic control technologies are a core technology in the trailer. The route map of the actual project is transformed into a topological relationship network map, and the intelligent algorithm is used for intelligent traffic control to maximize the effect. Using two Dixtra algorithms, the bicycle is relatively simple, and there may be multiple searches. This should consider the overall final solution. Introduce the task scheduling technology of multiple AGVs. Now the AGV scheduling system is based on all The mission of the AGV and the information of the AGV are tasked to achieve the best overall operational efficiency.

Here are three basic principles to consider. First, the overall operating efficiency of the system is optimal. In addition, the allowable time for task waiting is considered. If the task time is too long, it may affect, and secondly, the priority of the task is considered. The third is to carry out remote operation and maintenance technology. After the AGV data is collected, it is transmitted through algorithms through various data collection methods, through voice platform and data processing. In fact, there are four main functions, data analysis and monitoring and remote maintenance, data analysis, through AGV operation, you can know which path of the AGV is optimal on the path, and then plan this path, statistics are completed in each period of AGV The situation determines the performance of the AGV.

The fault alarm information shows the status. Some function information can be displayed with monitoring. It can be seen through the color that the green is in a faultless state, and the red is in a faulty state at a glance. This is a remote maintenance project, remote maintenance and pre-maintenance, mainly for the maintenance of the AGV body, including batteries and some AGV computers and easy-to-damage areas for maintenance, as well as software upgrades, including in-vehicle software and management software for upgrades. Upgrade remote fault handling, set up battery maintenance and charging, maintenance time, battery maintenance.

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