Key technologies of the AGV system

The service mode of the AGV system is composed of the ground control system and the on-board control system. The ground control system is mainly composed of the AGV management dispatching system and other AGV systems, and some docking external devices. The vehicle control system adopts the wireless power-on method, and the WIFI mode is adopted internally. In addition, the 5G application can also be used as the key technology of the vehicle control system. First, the path management culture is uniformly scheduled according to the central scheduling system. The central management dispatching system sends all the information to the in-vehicle system after processing. The in-vehicle system applies some functional algorithms to drive the moving parts according to the advertising system and detailed road information, so as to drive the moving parts of the AGV. Set the route to travel.

Providing in-vehicle navigation systems and on-board guidance, the system is a key technology. Car navigation technology, currently in the market AGV mainly has the following major categories: two-dimensional code navigation, two-dimensional code navigation is now in the warehouse logistics AGV, mainly using the two-dimensional code method, and now also gradually use the performance introduced SLAM algorithm Navigate. The magnetic navigation method is the most traditional AGV navigation method. The shortcomings are known. Because the cost is relatively low, there are still some applications.

The main way now is laser navigation, which is also a common navigation method in the industry. It includes reflector navigation and non-reflector navigation. The bottom reflector has cylindrical and flat surfaces. The reflector is also used, but the reflection. The application of board navigation requires high reliability. The non-reflective board navigation application has a reflector compared to the environment, because the environment is more versatile, and it is less than the composite navigation application from the application point of view.

The following is composite navigation, composite navigation can combine laser navigation methods, some areas can optimize navigation, this way, so some small AGV for warehousing logistics, in order to ensure navigation records, may be SLAM navigation on some driving routes, The platform uses two-dimensional code navigation to improve the positioning accuracy, and finally the visual navigation, through the camera plus PDF navigation, these application APP failed to patrol also did.

Liu Yang also talked about the technology of the car. The AGV of the machine department mainly has the following situations. There are single steering wheel and double steering wheel. The multiple steering wheel is better than the double steering wheel. The arm will be more flexible. The multi-grip wheel supports multiple properties. Multiple steering wheels are used to increase the driving force and bearing capacity. Drive steering motor control technology, AGV is a steering machine, the main advantages of the supply range is wide, and the torque is large, the former forklift adopts the intelligent motor mode, now the electric brakes are all replaced by the blending motor mode, for different blending motors, There are a wide range of motors to adapt to it. Through the control of the motor and the motor factors, the motor is tested with a variety of torques. The parameters of the motor drive force enable the driver to better set the motor to meet the optimal requirements.

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