How to choose a more suitable tray device

Pallets are one of the logistics equipment commonly used in transportation and storage turnover. The pallets can store goods more directly and conveniently, which not only improves efficiency, but also saves labor costs. So how to choose a more suitable tray.

Heavy-duty shelves, shuttle shelves, electric mobile shelves, etc. Need to combine their own characteristics, according to different storage needs, choose trays of different materials. Pallets can be roughly classified into metal materials, wood, plastics, and new energy materials according to material classification.


Trays are often used on heavy shelves. In general, a group of heavy-duty shelves can be placed side by side with 2-3 trays to meet the requirements of the goods. Such shelves are also commonly referred to as pallet shelves.

At the same time, when using the pallet on heavy-duty shelves, you should pay attention to some related issues. First, you must determine the position of the pallet and reserve the proper space and distance for the forklift operation. Secondly, the pallets should be placed as neatly as possible on the shelf beams to handle the relationship between the goods and the pallets to avoid safety incidents.

The shuttle rack uses a shuttle to store the depth of the tray. Plastic pallets are the main type of pallet used in these shelves, similar in terms of shelf space to drives in the shelves. The basic principle of the shuttle is that the frame and the movable shuttle form a simple unit that can be moved in the warehouse.

The shelf with the shuttle inside is controlled by the front center console. Forklifts (including shuttles) place them on the center console of the designated shelf. The forklift then places the tray on the shuttle and begins the storage operation. When the forklift is to store the next pallet, the shuttle will quickly and steadily transport the pallet to the designated storage location on the shelf.

The cross-shelf is not separated by the passage, so the use of the pallet is continuous, which also reduces obstacles and* increases the storage capacity of the cargo.

In use, the trays can be aligned in one direction and in both directions. The total depth of the one-way pick-up rack is preferably controlled within 6 tray depths, and the two-way pick-up rack is preferably controlled within 12 tray depths to increase the efficiency and reliability of forklift entry.

As for the choice of metal trays or plastic trays, we can consider our own comprehensive factors before deciding.

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