How to store goods in warehouses

The distribution center should first consider the time and efficiency of the storage, so it pays more attention to the convenience of picking and handling, and the storage method must be coordinated with it. The storage center has a low frequency of access to the warehouse, so it should be considered for storage. Therefore, the storage method should be considered first. Then there are several ways to keep the goods in the warehouse.


1. The ground level is flat--the storage items are stacked directly on the ground.

2. The tray is laid flat--put the storage items directly on the tray, and then place the tray flat on the ground.

3. Direct stacking - the goods are stacked directly on the ground.

4. Pallet stacking type - stack the goods directly on the pallet and place the pallet on the ground.

5. Shelf storage type - put the goods directly on the shelf.

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