What are the reasons for the odor in the cold storage?

Some logistics companies that provide cold storage services report that the taste of the cold storage is too heavy, which is very unbearable, so what are the reasons for the odor in the cold storage.

The so-called odor in the cold storage mainly refers to the cooking ingredients and food in the cold storage, under the influence of external factors, through the change of physical and chemical, an abnormal smell is produced. After a long time, the odor is easily dispersed in the wall of the cold storage. On the ceiling and equipment tools.


So what are the reasons for the odor in the cold storage?

The smell of cold storage may be that the cold storage has an odor before it enters the food. If the food is degraded before entering the cold storage, such as eggs, meat, fish, etc.; or the cold storage of the fish, the meat, eggs or fruits and vegetables are stored without washing, causing the smell to become infected and the quality will appear in the cold storage. Obvious odor.

At the same time, the cold storage is not well ventilated, the temperature and humidity are too large, causing the mold to multiply, and it is easy to produce an unpleasant smell. In addition, the leakage of the cold storage refrigeration pipe, the corrosion of the refrigerant into the food, causes odor.

There is also a lack of cold storage temperature, resulting in deterioration and spoilage of meat products. This happens mostly when fresh meat is not frozen, frozen, or transferred to the warehouse. At the same time, foods with different odors are stored in a cold storage warehouse, which is also likely to cause food odors to infect each other.

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