What is the relationship between logistics and distribution?

The relationship between logistics and distribution, many people have not figured out, then what is the relationship between logistics and distribution.

Distribution: Distribution refers to the logistics activities of picking, processing, packaging, dividing, assembling, etc., according to customer requirements, and delivering the goods to the designated place on time, as long as it is for a small area within the same city. Transportation, which is a form of logistics, is more inclined to short-distance transportation, which is faster and more able to solve the needs of many consumers today.

Logistics: Logistics is more about the transportation of goods between cities and cities. It mainly uses vehicles, boats, airplanes and other means of transport to transport goods from one place to another. It is long-distance transportation and is more suitable for some large-volume goods. Transportation.


Transport and distribution complementarity:

Transportation and distribution are line activities. Due to functional differences, they cannot substitute each other, complement each other, depend on each other, and complement each other. The logistics system enables the products produced by the company to reach the users and achieve the purpose of consumption. Transportation, distribution concept. According to the principle of transportation and the principle of distance, large-scale and long-distance transportation is reasonable, but it cannot meet the requirements of decentralized consumption. However, small-batch and multi-batch distribution are more in line with consumer spending habits. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for long-distance transportation. Therefore, the two cooperate with each other to learn from each other.

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