How to create a refrigerated warehouse that meets the needs of logistics

With the vigorous development of scientific progress, cold chain logistics can be applied to cold storage and warehousing. Logistics cold storage plays an important role. The low temperature logistics center is designed to meet customer needs and multi-variety distribution. It guarantees a systematic project that foods are kept in the prescribed low temperature environment from the production, storage, transportation and sales of chilled and frozen foods to the pre-market consumption to ensure food quality and reduce market food loss. So how to create a cold storage that meets the needs of logistics. The following article is a small series for everyone to introduce in detail.


Logistics refrigerated storage can be widely used in food factories, dairy factories, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable warehouses, poultry and egg warehouses, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, laboratories, etc. Logistics refrigerated storage has its particularity. It is manifested in: the requirements for ensuring the quality and safety of transportation products are outstanding. Product safety concerns people's health and even life safety. The product has short shelf life and fast quality loss, which determines the operation of cold chain logistics of enterprise products. Timeliness; also emphasizes that due to the diversity of products and the different storage temperature and humidity requirements, it determines the diversity of market logistics operation environment; cold storage and storage as an important part of the food supply chain, requires market products to be traceable .

Nowadays, the logistics cold chain market is also in short supply. The overloaded goods storage has brought a lot of losses and losses to the logistics industry, so that it is very big for the logistics industry in the market and for the consumers in the market. The loss, so must be cautious.

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