Advantages of the shuttle intelligent and dense storage system

Efficient, high-density, low-cost storage method, compared with the through-shelf, storage capacity is equivalent, but safe and reliable, the shelf is not easy to damage; with the lifting plate and positioning sensor, each cargo will be transported to the farthest in the roadway storage location. Access to the cargo can be easily handled by controlling the forklift. The shuttle can lift the pallets themselves and run along the tracks in the racking lanes, transporting the goods from the entrance to the lanes or from the lanes to the exits.

According to the customer's requirements for high-density storage and high-efficiency access of materials, the shuttle system can greatly increase the density of materials in the warehouse, save time for forklifts to access materials, and reduce worker working hours.



1. High density storage

Compared with ordinary pallet racks and mobile shelves, it can increase storage capacity by more than 50%.

2. Save costs

Reasonable space utilization reduces operating costs.

3. Less shelf and cargo damage

Compared with the traditional narrow roadway shelves, there is no need for forklifts to enter the lanes of the shelves, reducing the occurrence of human accidents and the shelves are not easily damaged.

4. Scalable, improved performance

Easily add extra shuttles and synchronize operations for more efficient inbound and outbound tasks.

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