Detailed shuttle smart intensive storage system

In order to improve the utilization of storage space and store goods in high density, the shuttle system is born. The shuttle system is a high-density storage system consisting of shelves, shuttles and forklifts.


The shuttle system is a semi-automated, dense storage system that uses a shuttle to transport pallets inside the storage channel. The shuttle transports the unit tray materials from the delivery end to the delivery end according to the production process, and arranges the pallet materials equidistantly at a predetermined pallet spacing.

Mode of operation: According to the access port arrangement of the goods, it can be divided into first in first out mode (FIFO) and frist in later out mode (FILO).

1. First in first out mode (FIFO): The tray is stored from one end and taken out at the other end of the roadway.


· Can achieve sequential access to logistics, in line with general logistics requirements;

· It can realize logistics access and partition operation and optimize on-site management;

2. Frist in later out mode (FILO): pallet access is only operated from one side of the roadway;


· One-sided arrangement of forklift channels for maximum use of warehouse space;

· Suitable for occasions where the order of material entry and exit is low.

The shuttle system provides the ideal solution for the following situations:

 A large number of pallet-type goods require large-scale warehousing operations.

The storage of goods is very demanding.

Bulk-type goods temporary storage or batch caching of wave picking orders.

Periodically large or large.

A shuttle racking system has been used, which requires storing more pallets in depth and increasing the amount of warehousing.

Semi-automatic shuttle racking systems, such as forklifts and shuttles, have been used, with the desire to reduce manual work and fully automated operations.


Shuttle features:

Cooperate with the shuttle bus, stacker or forklift AGV to achieve fully automated warehousing operations;

Cooperate with high forklifts to achieve semi-automatic storage operations;

There are two forms of operation: FIFO and FILO;

The shelf structure is simple and cost-effective;

Mobile or fixed charging station charging is optional;

Compatible with different sizes of pallets, single trolleys can be used with different types of pallets.

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