Automated warehousing maintenance management

Think of preventive maintenance as an asset-enhancing, and a reliable preventive maintenance program that keeps assets longer and reduces downtime costs. It is important for managers and technicians to see the value of maintenance, which makes them more likely to perform preventive maintenance on a continuous and correct basis.

In the initial stage of equipment management, we need to obtain maintenance manuals from equipment suppliers. Through continuous improvement of incident management, we constantly improve maintenance contents and inspection contents, and correct the benchmarks for equipment maintenance inspection.

Based on the updated maintenance standard, equipment maintenance plans can be formulated according to the types of equipment, equipment sections, and equipment usage frequency. The implementation of equipment maintenance should be “fixed, qualitative, quantitative, regular, and fixed”.

In the process of equipment operation and maintenance, we usually divide into three levels of maintenance and are divided into daily maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance according to the size and difficulty of the workload. Production, equipment, equipment suppliers play different roles in the maintenance process.

During the planning and scheduling process, the maintenance of e-commerce automation equipment must pay special attention to the promotion of the nodes to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment during the promotion period. The strict implementation of the equipment maintenance inspection plan is the guarantee of equipment stability.

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