What are the professional equipments for automated warehouses?

With the development of economy, the automated warehouse has become more and more widely used. Because of its high-tech warehouse management system, warehouse management has become more efficient and convenient. However, automated warehouse is not as simple as everyone imagined. Let us know what equipment is available in the automated warehouse.

1. The automatic control system, which is the brain of the automated warehouse, can help us better control the automated warehouse, help us check the inventory of the warehouse, the quantity of goods entering the warehouse, and solve our warehouse problems more flexibly and conveniently. .

2. Intelligent robots, which are machines that perform work automatically, such as goods transported from the upper level to the lower level, and transported to the warehouse exit. This is done by the machine that has been transferred, instead of being moved up and down like a normal warehouse. Moving away is a waste of time, increases labor costs, and reduces efficiency.

3. Production line conveying equipment, which is a mechanical equipment for transporting goods, which can help us transport goods to designated locations in the warehouse.

4. Safety protection system, which is the safety device system of the automatic three-dimensional warehouse during use. It can protect the safety of the goods from damage in case of unexpected situations or cargo transportation.

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