Warehouse automation grows rapidly

According to industry analysis, the current global warehouse automation market is about 14 billion US dollars, and will be expected to achieve double growth in the next five years, and will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 12% to 28 billion US dollars. The main products of the warehouse automatic market include AGV/AMR, sorting system, conveyor, data acquisition and palletizing.

In logistics automation, AGV/AMR has a market share of about 15%, which means that there will be a market size of about 4 billion US dollars in the next five years. AMR can be autonomously navigated and has more flexibility, without changing the warehouse. Rapid deployment under the premise of structure is likely to become the mainstream product in the future.

Although, mobile robots are currently slower in picking speed than traditional automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). But the former is more flexible, especially in the rapidly changing market demand, companies may need to make strategic adjustments at any time, then mobile robots will be the best choice for logistics vendors.

Because mobile robots can help logistics companies reduce labor costs, and comply with the new model of Industry 4.0, which is conducive to better transparent management, more flexible and easy to operate and manage, it is welcomed by more and more enterprises.

Reprinted from the network