What are the advantages of using an automatic sorting system?

Manual sorting has been unable to meet the needs of today's logistics market, and the sorting method is now moving towards automated sorting. The use of automatic sorting equipment also solves many of the problems of traditional sorting. This time we will talk about the advantages of automatic sorting equipment.


1. Automatic sorting technology for intelligent management

The modular intelligent sorting system includes scan code weighing, pull distance, and scanning.

2. Sorting efficiency is amazing

From the frontier of logistics sorting technology, the ball module belt sorting system of Luhui Logistics automatic sorting system can meet the upgrading needs of various small and medium-sized logistics enterprises. The high-speed splitter series sorting efficiency is even more amazing, with a capacity of 8000-10000 pieces/hour, which is more than 8 times of the manual speed; it can realize continuous and rapid mass sorting of articles. The system identification rate is 99.99%, and it can adapt to all kinds of packaged goods, and the damage to the goods is almost zero.

3. High speed splitter

The high-speed splitter is a high-performance, high-precision, highly adaptable, intelligent sorting solution. Modular design, assembly, and a variety of scenarios. The surface is mainly composed of a disc embedded in a cylindrical roller. During operation, according to the instructions and information issued by the management system, the steering controller changes the running direction of the conveying roller, and transfers the articles to the diverting conveyor to realize the two-way multi-angle of the cargo. Sorting. The high-speed splitter has a capacity of up to 10,000 pieces per hour, and the maximum size of the sortable goods is 1200*1000*800mm, and the maximum weight is 60kg (can be customized to 100kg). Since the surface of the wheel is sealed, the goods such as soft bags and woven bags are not jammed, so the sorting range is wider.

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