Types of automatic sorting equipment

Baffle sorting machine


The baffle sorting machine uses a baffle (baffle rod) to block the goods moving forward on the conveyor and direct the goods to one side of the slide. Another form of baffle is that one end of the baffle can be rotated as a fulcrum. When the baffle moves, it blocks the goods from moving forward like a wall, and uses the friction force of the conveyor to push the goods along the baffle surface, and drains the goods from the main conveyor to the slide. Usually, the baffle is on the side of the main conveyor, so that the commodity can continue to move forward, if the baffle moves or rotates horizontally, the commodity will be lined up to the slide.


The baffle is generally installed on both sides of the conveyor and does not contact with the upper plane of the conveyor. Even in operation, it only touches the commodity and does not touch the conveying surface of the conveyor, so it is suitable for most forms of conveyor. As far as the baffle itself is concerned, there are also different forms, such as linear, curved, and some are equipped with rollers or smooth plastic materials on the baffle working face to reduce friction resistance.


Strip tilting sorter


This is a special type of strip conveyor. The goods loaded on the conveyor's strip, when the business conduct to the need to sort the position, the strip automatically raised one end of the strip, so that the strip tilt, thus moving the goods away from the main conveyor.