Type of automatic sorting equipment - Slider sorting machine

The slider sorting machine is a special form of strip conveyor. The surface of the conveyor is made of metal strips or pipes, such as bamboo mats, and on each strip or pipe, there is a guide slider made of hard material, which can slide horizontally along the strip.


Usually, the slider stops on the side of the conveyor, and the lower part of the slider is connected with the guide rod under the strip. Through computer control, when the sorted goods reach the designated crossing, the controller makes the guide slider slide automatically to the opposite side of the conveyor in order to push the goods into the sorting crossing, so that the goods are led out of the main conveyor. This method gradually introduces the goods laterally, and does not impact the goods, so the goods are not easy to be damaged. It applies to the shape and size of the sorting goods in a wide range, and it is a new type of high-speed sorting machine in foreign countries at present.


Slider-type sorting machine is also used in the express industry a very large number of sorting machines. Slider sorting machine is a very reliable sorting machine, and the failure rate is very low, in large distribution centers, such as Louisville in UPS, a large number of slider sorting machines are used to complete the pre-sorting and final sorting. Slider-type sorting machine can be used by multiple cross-overlapping to meet the single slider-type sorting machine cannot achieve the purpose of capacity requirements.