Third party logistics enterprise

With the change of the modern enterprise production and the change of the external environment of the market, the development of the "Third Party Logistics under Electronic Commerce" has attracted more and more attention, and the share of the e-commerce application is more and more. However, the third party logistics of our country is still in the initial stage, the logistics information service, the inventory and the cost control and other value-added services, and the higher-level logistics service such as the logistics design and the logistics value-added project can not meet the need of the rapid development of e-commerce.


With the development of social change and scientific and technological revolution, modern logistics industry has received more and more social attention, and has become the fifth largest service industry after transportation industry, financial industry, information industry and trade industry in China. At the same time, due to the progress of science and technology, the popularization of network information technology and the transmission of foreign advanced logistics management concepts, the development of modern logistics industry in China has entered a new period, and the emergence of new logistics equipment and electronic commerce has also made the logistics industry become a large-scale industrial chain.


In the environment of e-commerce, third-party logistics has become an obstacle to the development of e-commerce. In the environment of electronic commerce, the third party logistics in our country has some problems, such as unclear logistics positioning, backward overall concept, incomplete application of network information technology, waste of resources and shortage of talents. In order to solve the problem and develop the third party logistics, our country should adopt the strategies of defining the development position of logistics, reforming the logistics system, strengthening the application of network information technology, developing modern green logistics and cultivating professionals.