The warehousing logistics robot industry is also facing a series of challenges

1. The storage logistics robot industry belongs to the new industry, which not only develops rapidly, but also exposes some problems. The intelligence of the robot is not enough, the response ability is insufficient in the multi-scene operation, the robot function is incomplete, the obstacle identification has the blind area, and the product design also needs to add the independent switch button. The stability of robot with load is poor, and it is easy to have some serious problems, such as unable to lift shelves or driving trajectory offset. The service level of robot manufacturers is still very different from that of industrial developed countries, so it is necessary to further improve the stability of the system and reduce the failure rate of robots.


2. The service based on ecommerce logistics restricts the infiltration of warehousing logistics robot into other industries. At present, the biggest challenge facing China's warehousing logistics robot industry is how to solve the problem of customer pain, such as reducing the labor cost of logistics link and improving the efficiency of warehouse sorting. Therefore, the products and services provided by robot manufacturers must meet the actual logistics needs of customer companies, which is not only an important way for warehousing logistics robot production enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness, but also an important way for warehousing logistics robots to become products.


3. Local brand influence is not enough. Warehousing logistics robot enterprises also need to continue to strengthen brand building, increase the research and development of core components, and promote the rapid maturity of the industry.