The requirements of agricultural product distribution center for cold storage system

Cold storage is an important part of agricultural product distribution center. Cold storage system is based on temperature control technology and refrigeration technology as a means to realize product storage in a specific low temperature control state. The main body of cold chain warehousing is a variety of cold storage, which mainly includes trays and other unit appliances, all kinds of shelves, handling equipment, temperature and humidity monitoring system and management information system.


The basic requirements of cold storage system: cold storage has high requirements for storage equipment and storage environment. When planning and designing the cold chain storage system, it is necessary to determine the temperature control requirements according to the product characteristics of the stored goods, to consider the cold storage type according to the cold chain logistics operation requirements, to determine the cold chain storage equipment requirements according to the cold storage type, to clarify the specific requirements of cold chain logistics processing technology and operation management, and so on.


Temperature control requirements of cold storage system: different items have different requirements for storage temperature, cooling method and unit packaging. The quality change of refrigerated products depends on good and suitable temperature control, and the temperature gradient between the surface temperature and internal temperature of stored products will also affect the quality of refrigerated products. Some data show that the quality loss of food exposed to room temperature for 1 hour may be equivalent to the mass loss of food stored at-20 for half a year.


According to the requirements of cold chain logistics operation, determine the quantity and quality of cold chain storage equipment and its layout and control management mode in the warehouse, plan and design the temperature and humidity monitoring system and management operation platform according to the requirements of cold chain control, to ensure that the cold chain storage environment meets the requirements of environmental temperature, humidity, gas composition, hygiene and so on. According to the control factors of treatment process conditions, the process level, packaging conditions and cleanliness degree of cold chain warehousing are planned and designed.