The other development trend of logistics sorting

Palletizing handling technology


At almost the same time as storage technology, automatic palletizing technology is also developed. The earliest logistics applications in the field of industrial manufacturing are very common. With the development of ecommerce logistics, more and more manipulators and palletizing robots begin to be used, which have broad application prospects in e-commerce, tobacco, food processing, medicine, and other fields.


The same is true of the application of AGV. Although AGV has been used in production for more than 40 years, large-scale applications have been in recent years. In the past three years, the major forklift enterprises in the world have transformed to automation, introducing the concept of unmanned forklift. In fact, unmanned forklift is a variant of AGV. It can be predicted that the application of AGV will be implemented in more fields and on a larger scale.


Distribution link


The last kilometer used to be a hot issue in the past few years, but now there are many solutions. In the distribution link, UAV distribution has found a new focus, to solve the distribution problem in a relatively difficult environment, such as hilltops, isolated islands, high-rise buildings, etc., especially in emergency situations (such as roads blocked during earthquakes), no one has the opportunity to have a special purpose. The key point is that the use of UAV technology has been fundamentally solved.