The Maintenance of AGV

Structure and maintenance of the driven wheel


The driven wheel is actually a universal caster which can rotate integrally with the driven wheel when it subjected to external force, the wheel itself can rotate, and the back pressure spring ensures that the driven wheel can bear a certain pressure, and the driven wheel has certain spring-back space when the pressure is too large. The disassembly and assembly structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.


Pay attention to the cleaning of the driven wheel, and regularly clean the hair, thread ends that are wound on the driven wheel and so on. If the winding is too much, the degree of rotation of the driven wheel is reduced, thus affecting the operation of the whole vehicle.


Bumper structure and maintenance.


Each AGV has front and rear bumpers, soft foamed rubber, sensitive travel switches to ensure the travel safety of the AGV, and the bumper failure can check whether the travel switch is resilient after the line fault is eliminated.


The lifting table is mainly composed of lifting device, ball platform, electromagnet release device and so on. The lifting table is a working platform which can be installed on the AGV trolley freely. It is mainly used for the installation of engine, rear axle and fuel tank on the automobile assembly line. The device has compact structure and flexible transmission.


Lifting device is the main device to complete the lifting action, which is mainly composed of ball screw mechanism, one-layer lifting sprocket combination, two-layer heavy sprocket combination, click reducer, gear transmission machine and telescopic sleeve. The motor adopts imported DC servo motor, reducer integrated machine, ball screw and nut and other parts imported from Germany. The performance is reliable and the transmission is stable.


Matters needing attention for AGV car


Pay attention to keep the operation panel clean and clean every day, dust, oil and other sundries.


Because the touch screen, music box and other electrical components in the operation panel are easy to be wet and damaged, please pay attention to keeping dry.


It is recommended to use wet rag to wipe the operation panel. Please be careful not to use corrosive detergents such as oil pollution net.


When moving AGV, the driver must be lifted first, and the AGV power must be turned off when the driver is not promoted for some reason. It is strictly forbidden to move the AGV. when the driver is turned on and the driver is not promoted.


When emergency need to stop AGV, please use the emergency button, drag or other interference to force the AGV car to stop.


It is strictly forbidden to put things on the operation panel.