The Main Technology of Intelligent Logistics - data mining

Data warehouse appeared in the middle of 1980s. It is a topic-oriented, integrated, non-volatile, time-varying data set. The goal of data warehouse is to store, extract and maintain data with different sources and structures in the data warehouse after processing. It supports comprehensive, large number of complex data analysis and processing and high-level decision support.


Data warehouse makes users free to extract data without interfering with the normal operation of business database. Data mining is the process of mining hidden, unknown and potentially valuable knowledge and rules from a large number of, incomplete, noisy, fuzzy and random practical application data. It is generally divided into descriptive data mining and predictive data mining. Descriptive data mining includes data summary, clustering and association analysis, while predictive data mining includes classification, regression and time series analysis. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the relationship between events, predict the future development trend, and provide decision-making basis for enterprise decision makers through the statistics, analysis, synthesis, induction and reasoning of data.