The functions of Logistics automatic sorting system

With the rapid development of the domestic economic structure adjustment and the logistics, the logistics industry in China has changed, and the traditional manual sorting has not been able to meet the demand of the market, and the sorting operation mode is advancing towards the automatic sorting. The automatic sorting system has a wide application prospect, and has great work and advantages in the aspects of reliability, superiority, applicability of application fields and the economic benefits and cost of the system.


1. The automatic sorting system can be connected with other logistics equipment in a flexible manner, such as an automatic warehouse, various storage stations, automatic set-and-release chains, various delivery vehicles, robots, and the like. And the distribution of the physical flow of the materials is realized, and the distribution and the management of the material information flow are realized.


2. With the automatic sorting system, the labor intensity of the manual sorting and stacking materials is greatly reduced, and the operators do not need to carry out a large amount of report work for tracking the materials, and the labor productivity is obviously improved. In addition, the reduction or even cancellation of the workload of non-direct labor such as the material warehouse personnel, the distributor, and the freight operator further directly reduces the operation cost.