The development trend of logistics sorting

Storage link


The automatic three-dimensional library technology has been gradually improved over the past 10 years, and has become a very popular and very mature technology. Correspondingly, the scale of the automatic three-dimensional library is more and more large, such as the shoe service industry, the e-commerce industry, the home industry, the new energy industry and the like, and the automatic three-dimensional library has emerged. In recent years, the application of dense storage technology is relatively mature, such as gravity-type intensive storage, dual-depth dense storage, shuttle-vehicle-intensive storage, and the like. The future of this concept of storage has a great deal of space.


Sorting and transportation links


Automatic sorting system has become a very common and very important solution in logistics industry. The rapid growth of express package volume in China is the direct reason for the rapid popularization of automatic sorting technology.


Flexibility is a very obvious development trend of logistics equipment industry, and the transportation and sorting system is also developing in the direction of modularization. Luhui ball module with sorting system, high-speed shunt series, using modular design, assembly, can be flexibly customized according to the scheme, suitable for a variety of scenes, can be mass continuous sorting, greatly saving site area, equipment configuration cost and installation cost. Its sorting efficiency is high, up to 10000 pieces per hour, sorting accuracy is 99.99%, sorting package weight is up to 100kg, suitable for e-commerce, express logistics, industrial production and other industries, heavy and heavy goods sorting.