The business model is still being further explored

There are four main business models in China's warehousing and logistics robot industry, namely, providing product solutions, providing operational services, providing leasing services and intermediary cooperation.


Provide product solution mode: it refers to the establishment of automated warehouse for enterprises, the provision of planning and design, software development, equipment production, on-site installation and after-sale services, to manage the warehouse. Warehousing logistics robot manufacturers only charge a one-time industry solution fee and do not participate in the daily management of the warehouse.


The mode of providing the operation service: it refers to the operation of an intelligent warehouse for the enterprise, and provides equipment, personnel and operation services to the storage logistics robot manufacturer, and helps the enterprise manage the warehouse and the order to be sent to the warehouse. The warehouse logistics robot manufacturer is responsible for the daily operation of the warehouse and will charge a certain service charge according to the delivery quantity of the warehouse.


The mode of providing the lease service: it refers to the storage logistics robot lease service provided for some enterprises that are difficult to bear the replacement cost of the robot, and the warehousing logistics robot manufacturer will charge the lease fee in the monthly or by year. The method for providing the leasing service can reduce the financial pressure of a willing enterprise for the robot product using party, and can improve the industrial structure of the robot and expand the application field of the storage logistics robot to the robot provider.


The mode of intermediate cooperation: it refers to the long-term cooperation agreement with the logistics operator to provide the intelligent warehouse for the logistics operator, and the warehouse logistics robot manufacturer will charge a certain proportion of the cost from each order sent by the warehouse.