The advantages of Logistics automatic sorting system

1. Because of the stable operation and high safety of the sorting system, at the same time, the amount of manual picking materials is reduced, the damage to the goods is reduced, more value is falsified for customers, and more reputation and business opportunities are won for the company. Ball module belt can adapt to all kinds of packaging goods, the damage of the goods is almost zero, and really do no mark sorting.


2. By using the sorting system, the possibility of material classification error is reduced because of the accuracy of the drop address, and the economic loss and reputation loss caused by the classification error are reduced. The recognition accuracy of ball module belt sorting system is 99.99%, which is much higher than that of manual sorting.


3. Because the sorting system adopts standardization and modular assembly, it has the characteristics of flexible layout, maintenance, convenient maintenance and so on, which makes it convenient to place and use the place, which is not affected by the reason of the site.


4. General sorting machines are suitable for sorting goods with flat bottoms and rigid packing rules. And bag goods, the bottom of the package is soft and uneven, superbook goods cannot be accurately sorted. The ball module with automatic sorting system can adapt to all kinds of packaging goods, especially for the bottom of the soft bags and woven bags have a better sorting ability.