The development of big data in Intelligent Logistics

Big data has great potential in intelligent logistics, and its role cannot be underestimated. For example, according to the big data analysis of users, it can predict the sales demand of the mainstream individual products in each area of the core city, advance delivery in advance at various logistics sub-stations, or according to historical sales data and market forecasts, help businesses to make more accurate production plans, and help them in the right area to carry out regional warehouse, etc. From the intelligent layout of logistics network to the optimization of transportation route, from the increase of loading rate to the optimization of the last kilometer, from the decision-making of the company level to the intelligent recommendation of the distributor, from point to face, big data gradually improves the level of intelligence. The rational use of big data will play a very positive role in the management and decision-making, customer relationship maintenance and resource allocation of the logistics enterprises.


What is the role of big data analysis in intelligent logistics? The big data said that intelligent logistics, as a new type of social infrastructure, on the one hand, connects consumers, provides a better consumption experience, and promotes consumption upgrading by meeting the more diversified needs of consumers. On the other hand, it connects suppliers to make the supply chain deeply optimized, and the development prospect of intelligent logistics is broad, and there will be more and more applications based on big data.