Temperature Control Technology of Cold Storage Low Temperature Storage system

At present, the use function of cold storage has changed, and the cold storage has changed from storage type to logistics type. Frequent entry and exit of storage temperature leads to frequent fluctuation of storage temperature. The design of cold storage temperature control should no longer be limited to the control of refrigeration system, but also the design of storage body insulation, the design of incoming and outgoing cargo flow, the rational design of refrigeration system and so on.


1. The three-dimensional heat preservation technology of the storage body: heat preservation on the top surface, heat preservation on the wall surface, and heat preservation on the ground, so as to realize the three-dimensional three-dimensional heat preservation of the cold storage warehouse body.


2. Heat preservation technology of warehouse door: the main purpose of thermal insulation design of cold storage door should be to reduce the air flow inside and outside the warehouse. At present, the partition facilities used in cold storage mainly include door top wind curtain, wind curtain PVC door curtain, automatic opening and closing cold storage door, backflow air curtain, free door curtain and so on. The influence of the above methods on the leakage of cold storage door is enhanced in turn.


3. Cold storage layout and temperature control: the cold storage is changing from "storage" to "logistics", and the layout of cold storage is also changing. The storage cold storage is mainly multi-layer cold storage, and the logistics cold storage requires the rapid turnover of goods in the warehouse, and the single-layer or double-layer cold storage is the main one.


4. Cold storage scene and environment: the biggest difference between cold storage and ordinary warehouse is the difference between "stored goods" and "living goods". "living things" need not only suitable temperature, but also suitable humidity, bacteriostatic environment and so on.


The development of cold storage has put forward new requirements for cold storage temperature control. In the future, the temperature control of cold storage should not be limited to the temperature of cold storage itself, but should be combined with the operation and management of cold storage to make the operation of cold storage more intelligent.