Packaging Technology in Logistics Warehouse - Anti-damage protection technology

(1) Binding and tightening technology. The purpose of the invention is to make the bulk and bulk form a solid whole, which is convenient to handle and prevent the pile from being scattered, thereby reducing the damage.


(2) Assembly technology. The use of assembly technology can reduce contact with the cargo body, so as to prevent damage.


(3) Selecting high strength protective materials. Through the high strength of the outer packaging material, prevent the inner material from being damaged by the external force.


Among them, in the aspect of assembly technology and material selection, the experts in the field of enterprise and logistics have given numerous optimization schemes. At present, there are more discussions on the application and improvement of equipment, such as making more optimization in the direction of film wrapping and coating.


As China's labor force is no longer as concentrated and rich as it was many years ago, the human resources market regulation and selection mechanism has put forward "more efficient, easier, more standardized" operational requirements for enterprises.


In the field of three packaging, because of the continuous need to bend and circle, as well as the manual handling of ordinary packaging tools, it has significantly given enterprises the expectation of "efficiency, ease and standardization".


As a whole, the present logistics packing field is increasingly using mechanical equipment to replace manpower, and the common equipment includes electric/ pneumatic hand-held baler, semi-automatic/ automatic tape-threading machine, film-wrapping machine, film-coating machine and the like.